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Wooden Conservatory Base

Wooden Conservatory Bases

A rigid and supportive base...

A wooden conservatory base is a framework which is made from lengths of thick timber. The lengths are bolted together securely to form a rigid and supportive base on which the conservatory sits. If your conservatory is going to be built on a sloping area of ground, then a wooden base will often be the best choice for topping off the foundations.

Benefits of Wooden Bases

Bring down the cost of constructing your conservatory...

Because we had a sloping garden and we wanted to reduce costs we opted for a wooden base and had the wood specially treated...Ilse Boardman...Edinburgh

A wooden base also tends to be cheaper than many other methods of building, which can bring down the cost of constructing your conservatory considerably. This is a great advantage when you consider that a significant amount of the overall cost disappears into the foundations and base – the very part you never actually see once it is finished.

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Wooden Base Considerations

Don't excessively expose to water...

Wood is porous, and therefore it doesn’t react well to water. It is essential to make sure the joists aren’t going to be excessively exposed to water, otherwise their integrity could be jeopardised. For this reason the ends of every joist need to be completely sealed with special paint to ensure they don’t become compromised by any water seepage. You may not notice this straightaway, but over time the effect could be devastating.

  • Low Cost.
  • Easy To Install.
  • Solid Foundation

You will also need to ensure that the frame is placed on top of the damp course, in order to ensure it is protected somewhat from the damp and wet ground beneath. Although these aspects make a timber frame sound like the worst choice you could make, that is in fact very far from the truth. Provided you know what you are doing and install it properly, a wooden base is one of the easiest bases to construct for the average DIYer.