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Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian conservatory offers both space and lots of light...

Victorian style conservatories come in an octagonal style which makes maximum use of the light while encapsulating the spirit of the original Victorian conservatories. If you want your conservatory to have a particular look then you should make this quite clear right from the beginning of the process. Some Victorian style conservatories have plenty of floor space.

Victorian Conservatory Style

The Victorian style can be fused with others...

A Victorian conservatory for example might have a pitched roof and a bay or bell ended shape. You can get Victorian style conservatories with different numbers of bay sections – often called splays, so that you can stipulate the number that you want. You should bear in mind however that conservatory professionals will often refer to these as five sided or four sided conservatories depending on the number of splays that you have.

Conservatory Quote Online

Victorian Style Planning

Plan your conservatory from the beginning...

If you want a particular style of Victorian conservatory it is much better if you have a coherent plan and understanding of what you want; this way you can speak to the architect and the builder to ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for.

  • Style fusion
  • Pitched roof
  • Traditional

Whatever you want from your conservatory you should be as specific as possible when it is in the planning stage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask the salesperson exactly what they mean. This is the only way that you will get the right design of Victorian conservatory that you wanted at the outset.