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Vertical Conservatory Blinds

Beautifully suitable for large conservatory windows, providing an elegant look that complements the interior style...

If you are looking for an elegant style, energy efficiency, light control or simply to preserve a beautiful view, vertical blinds are the most versatile solution for your conservatory. They are particularly suited to conservatories and provide the look you need while allowing great control over your space that many other blind types cannot equal.

For the outside access to your conservatory, vertical blinds are perfect as they pull to one side, just like curtains, so they work superbly if your conservatory have French doors or sliding patio doors. Other blind types mean you have to leave the entry space blank, so having vertical blinds here makes a huge difference to the overall look of your conservatory.

They are also really good for large conservatory windows, as they can be moved and easily used to control the amount of light entering through the windows. Vertical blinds provide an elegant look that complements the conservatory interior style. They are available in vinyl, fabric, aluminium and wood, covering a wide variety of styles and colours.


Vertical blinds are the perfect combination between functionality and design. Generally, they are easy, safe and fast to operate. They open and close in a similar way to curtains but they can also be tilted, allowing full control over light and privacy into your conservatory. You can choose to control your blind from right or left and also you can choose how you want your blind to bunch: to the left, right or split in the middle, offering the desired view from the conservatory to your garden.

These practical blinds are easy to maintain as they are less likely to hold dirt. Although vertical blinds don’t show dust as much as Venetian blinds, they should be dusted regularly. Due to practicality, design and functionality, vertical blinds are the ideal solution for your conservatory.