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Traditional Conservatory Cresting

Traditional Cresting

Traditional cresting is usually the most complex design...

Traditional cresting is recognisable by its more elaborate design. There may be a larger finial on the very end of the cresting, and the cresting itself will be a series of curves, peaks and points which will repeat themselves along the entire length. In this sense traditional cresting is usually the most complex design that you will find, and it doesn’t suit every style of conservatory.

Benefits of Traditional Cresting

Best type of cresting for keeping birds off your roof...

We liked the ornate design of the traditional cresting, it complimented our conservatory style...Mrs Hayden...Leeds

Traditional cresting is just about the best type of cresting when it comes to getting birds to keep off your roof. The complex display of curves, points and fleur de lys designs is virtually impossible to land comfortably onto, giving you the best possible chance of having a mess free roof. In addition, if you have a more traditional looking conservatory it will tend to look incomplete if you don’t finish it off with a matching style of cresting on the roof. As with most cresting types, despite the more complicated design of the traditional cresting style it is virtually maintenance free once it is in position.

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Traditional Cresting Disadvantages

Tends to be more expensive to buy than a basic cresting...

The more ornate design will tend to be more expensive to buy than a basic one, but the difference will be minimal in the overall budget you have for your conservatory. The only other major disadvantage is that the more ornate the design is the more places there tends to be to attract dirt over the course of time. Cleaning a conservatory roof isn’t going to be the easiest job ever, so you just need to be prepared for the traditional style of cresting to get a bit more visibly dirty over time.

  • High Cost.
  • Ornate Design.
  • Stops Roof Pests.

You should also bear in mind that if you like the look of traditional cresting but you have a more modern design of conservatory, the two styles will clash if you try and put them together. The same also applies if your house is a modern build and doesn’t easily accommodate a traditional style of conservatory.