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Toughened Glass for Conservatories

Toughened Glass

BSI toughened glass...

Most builders and manufacturers will recommend toughened safety glass as this is the most widely specified glass for use in building conservatories. The quality of toughened safety glass can usually be relied on as there are particular standards for toughened glass that manufacturers must adhere to. The standards for toughened glass in the UK are laid down by the by the British Standards Institute.

Regulated Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is difficult to penetrate...

The safety issues with having so much glass and children in one room made us opt for toughened glass...P. Giddings...Peebles

According to the regulations, toughened glass has to be difficult to penetrate or break. If toughened glass is broken then it should disintegrate into thousands of tiny pieces without sharp edges that are not large enough to do significant harm. It is also stipulated that toughened glass should be fire resistant.

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Treated Glass

Toughened glass can add time to the delivery...

Toughened glass is glass that has been specially treated. This treatment is applied to float glass once the glass has been cut to the customer’s specifications into the size needed for their conservatory. When you are planning your conservatory and estimating the time that it might take from start to finish you should include the time taken to cut and treat the glass before it is fitted.

  • Safe
  • Strong
  • Secure

Toughened glass is much more effective if it is in a double glazed unit, and if you have security issues in your area then this is recommended. The extra pane of glass adds considerable strength to the windows. This acts as a deterrent as it makes a break in much more difficult to undertake.