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The Georgian Conservatory

Georgian conservatories adhere to mathematical guidelines...

The Georgian style conservatory is recognised for its attention to almost mathematical accuracy in style and this can be seen in the positioning of both the doors and the windows. Georgian windows for example are traditionally made from six panes, three across and two down.

Georgian Conservatory History

Conservatories nowadays only reflect the Georgian period...

We were really happy with our Georgian conservatory as it kept the same style of our house...Jenny and Steve Wilmott...Cornwall

In Georgian times there weren’t many conservatories built other than those which were attached to stately homes. The real passion for conservatories did not take place until the Victorians came along. This means that the Georgian conservatories that are built nowadays are less a reconstruction of what existed at the time and more an expression of the style of the Georgian period which ran from around 1720-1840.

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Georgian Style

Do you need planning permission...?

If you do need planning permission then it may not be possible to have features such as heat reflective glass as some planning officers’ object to the use of tinted glass – particularly if you are building onto a listed building. A Georgian style conservatory would have less glass than other conservatories.

  • Period style
  • Practical looks
  • Solid structure

It is possible to have a bespoke Georgian style conservatory built to your specifications but this will be quite expensive and it will take longer than a standard design conservatory.