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T-shaped Conservatory Quote

Conservatory shapes - T-shape

T shapes are usually matched with Edwardian or Victorian styles...

A T conservatory shape is a style in which the top of the ‘T’ is joined to the property, with the bottom section of the T jutting out from the middle. The section of the conservatory which stands proud of the main section is often styled in either the Edwardian or Victorian design, with the rest of the conservatory windows styled to match.

T Shape Conservatory Size

The T shape is a large design...

We wanted an Edwardian style but on a large shape conservatory and the T shape suited us best...Margaret Ville...Shropshire

As the T shaped conservatory is a relatively large design it is better suited to larger properties. A small cottage, for example, would not be able to accommodate this kind of shape. It also suits those properties which benefit from having a reasonably large garden. This is because the bottom section of the T which extends away from the house will take up a certain amount of the existing garden area.

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T Shape Benefits

The T shape offers two distinct sections...

A T shaped conservatory is extremely versatile, as you can divide each part of the T shape into two distinct sections if you wish. Many people use the large section that is attached to the house as a dining room or extension to the lounge, while the smaller section that extends from it is ideal to use as a garden room or sun lounge, if it is big enough.

  • Lots of space
  • Versatile
  • Dual rooms
If you have the room, this style of conservatory can be designed to be quite big, providing you with plenty of extra space – ideal if you have a growing family and need some play space for the children.