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Steel Conservatory Base

Steel Conservatory Bases

Best suited for DIY conservatories...

A steel conservatory base is basically a solid framework of steel beams that are put together to form the foundation for the building itself. It is now possible to buy do it yourself kits, which contain everything you need to construct the perfect steel base for the specific size and type of conservatory you are intending to build.

Advantages of Steel Bases

They work out far cheaper...

We opted for a steel base because of the cost saving when it came to the different bases available...David Bosten...London

The big advantage is in its cost. It works out far cheaper because there is no need to have any other kind of foundation or base to support it. This means you don’t need to fork out for a builder to come and dig out any foundations, or lay down the base itself. It’s also ideal for the DIYer who is intending to build the rest of the conservatory themselves as well. It enables them to undertake the whole job without having to hire any outside help. If you are looking to keep costs down then a steel base is perfect.

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Steel Base Considerations

Not suitable for sloping ground...

If the ground you are intending to build on is sloping or very unstable, then a steel base may not be suitable for your needs. Apart from that, there are really no distinct disadvantages with this extremely versatile and easy to install conservatory base.

  • Low Cost
  • Great For DIY
  • Easy To Lay

Make sure you get all your measurements correct before you get a company to make your steel base framework for you though. Any mistakes on your part will leave you with a hulking great frame that doesn’t fit, which will be disastrous. Bear in mind the small things like drainpipes which can get in the way of the best laid plans – and bases.