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Solar Panel Heating

Solar Panel Heating

Store the heat and then distribute it...

Solar panels take the energy given out by the sun and turn it into energy that can be used in the home. Different uses can be found for this energy, including heating water and turning the energy into a heat source – which is ideal for conservatories. Solar panel heaters are very efficient as they store the heat and then distribute it as and when you need it, by way of a thermostat setting which you can control.

Benefits of Solar Panels

The main benefit is the money you will save...

We wanted an energy efficient heating system and John fitted the panels himself so we saved money twice...Claire Freeman...Brighton

Solar panels are ideal for the DIY conservatory, as they require only basic skills to do so successfully. The main benefit is the money you will save. Buying a solar panel heater is a lot cheaper than you might think, and because you are using the sun as a naturally occurring source of heat, the running costs beat those of any other heat source you can think of. The heating panels are also quite unobtrusive; they are usually long and relatively thin and can be installed along the bottom of one wall.

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Solar Panel Disadvantages

The heaters are quite limited in their use...

Solar panel heaters are the only way of using this renewable energy source as a heat source for your conservatory. The more familiar sight of solar panels on roofs doesn’t make the grade, as the sun’s heat which enters through the windows does a better job than any number of panels could provide. Therefore the heaters are quite limited in their use, availability and style. As further advances are made in this area there may be more choices, but if you are looking for something a little more versatile then solar power may not be the best idea for you.

  • Low Cost.
  • Good or DIY.
  • Limited Use

It’s a natural idea nowadays to try and help the planet as much as we can by using renewable sources of energy and doing our bit for the environment. But when it comes to conservatory heating, the windows which are an integral part of the design can be the best way of using the sun’s energy for our own needs, rather than trying to use solar panels.