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Solar Fans

Solar fans generally have a battery as well...

A solar fan makes perfect use of the sun to power the fan, which then removes the hot air from your conservatory when it gets too much to bear. Solar fans generally have a battery as well, to enable them to carry on working even when the sun goes in and it gets cloudy. The main benefit is in the running costs. Because the solar fan works by using the natural power of the sun, once you have bought and installed it you won’t have any day to day costs at all, except for replacing the back up battery every now and then.

Benefits of a Solar Fans

Very environmentally friendly way to ventilate your conservatory...

A solar fan was the best choice for us to use for ventilation as we are keen environmentalists...Mrs Lyndhurst...Berkshire

Solar fans are a very environmentally friendly way to ventilate your conservatory and keep it cooler by eliminating the hot stale air which can make it so uncomfortable to use at times. Its size also makes it blend very easily into the background once it is installed. It’s also ideal for the average DIYer to fit without help. There is no wiring to worry about and full instructions will come with the product. You can fit it in a number of places, including in the middle of a pane of glass if you so desire, although you may want to get someone else to do this! It’s also available at a reasonable price – all of which makes it an ideal purchase, whatever size of conservatory you have.

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Solar Fan Disadvantages

It is only available in the one colour...

n be somewhat difficult to get hold of. Even an online search only reveals a bare few stockists, not all of whom have the item readily available. Because it isn’t widely available as yet, it is only available in the one colour – white. This would fit in well with a uPVC conservatory, but if you have a wood effect or hardwood conservatory you will need to find somewhere where it won’t be noticeable.

  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Hard to Find.
  • Cost Efficient.

In short, if you want to do your bit for the environment as well as for the air quality in your conservatory, then buying a solar fan might make all the difference. Not only to you, but to your electricity bills as well – thanks to its ability to run by itself.