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Roman Conservatory Blinds

Roman Conservatory Blinds

The stylish drapery effect of curtains captured in the classic lines of blinds...

Roman blinds are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window, providing a luxurious finish to your conservatory.


Because they are designed to fall gently from the top, Roman blinds give you complete control over the amount of light you want to let into your conservatory. You can even use them to create sun and shade spots in your conservatory, making it easier to grow indoor plants in your space.


These stylish, rich and quality looking blinds come in a vast range of different patterns to play even more with the sunlight streaming into your fabulous personal conservatory place.You also have an amazing choice over the colour and fabric type, from the very dark heavy blinds that only allow a little sunlight, through to the light cheerful fabrics that let in lots of sunlight and only filter out the harmful UV rays. The classic drapery effect of curtains is captured in the elegant lines of Roman blinds adding style and warmth to your conservatory.


Roman conservatory blinds look neat and elegant, falling in a series of level folds to the sill, giving you complete control over how high you raise them or how far you descend them. They are easily raised and lowered by pulling and releasing cords, while adding the beauty of naturally filtered light throughout your conservatory.


Roman blinds need only dusting or vacuuming once or twice a month, particularly in the folds. Depending on the fabric selected, most Roman Blinds may be dry cleaned but make sureyou remove the lifting cords first.


Roman blinds play the key roll of keeping the excessive heat and glare outside when the weather is hot, but equally important they insulate the area keeping the warmth inside the conservatory during the cold months.


Overall you must consider Roman Conservatory Blinds as they provide all the control, adaptability, style and value for money that people like when choosing blinds for their conservatory.