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Roller Conservatory Blinds

Stylish and simple, practical and effective...

One of the most important factors in the look of your conservatory is your selection of blinds. Few people want the completely naked “greenhouse” look on their personal space and even less people want that crowded and cluttered look. If you like to keep a simple, minimalist look to your conservatory adding style in the same time, roller blinds achieve this while beautifully complementing the aspect of your conservatory.


Providing privacy and warmth is vital in any conservatory but with roller blinds you also get the vast array of colours, opacity, patterns and fabrics to allow you to personalise your special space in any which way to suit your personal tastes. From a bright vibrant blue in a light airy fabric to a warm deep and pleasurable red in a heavier more salubrious fabric, you have the choice to reflect your own taste through your conservatory. Many roller conservatory blinds ranges allow for detail to be added at the end of the blind, should this fit with the decor of your conservatory.


If you prefer the warm and classical look for your conservatory, you can choose from our variety of real wood roller blinds in a selection of stylish finishes, designs and opacity.


Roller blinds are suited to wide areas of glass where is little need to access the conservatory windows or doors very often and they are not recommended for shaped glazing. Roller blind is simple to operate, it is either up or down, open or closed, making it so easy to provide solar shading through your conservatory.


The most practical and simple to install, roller conservatory blinds use a minimal amount of fabric, offering an exceptional value. They lay flat against the window and roll up to let a maximum amount of light into the conservatory. Roller blinds are particularly effective at blocking the UV rays of the sun and at retaining the heat during cooler days.