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Regency Conservatories

The Regency conservatory is both stylish and practical...

The Regency style is one of the most popular conservatories there is. This is for two reasons – firstly it has a distinctive design which complements almost every house which adopts it, and secondly its basic shape allows it to be used for a multitude of different activities. The Regency style also looks equally good in either UPVC or solid hardwood, so it can be built to complement whatever windows your house currently has if you wish.

Regency Conservatory Self Build

The Regency style allows for easy DIY...

We received a quote through and ended up purchasing a Regency conservatory at a great price...Matt and Jill Fisher...Dunstable

One of the best things about this type of conservatory for many people is that its unfussy design makes it the perfect choice for a self build project. The Regency design means you can have a stunning conservatory for a fraction of the price it would cost to get someone else to build it for you. If you opt for wood it will require more maintenance, whereas UPVC can simply be wiped down if necessary.

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Regency Benefits

The Regency conservatory shape allows for space maximisation...

Because the Regency is such a simple shape, it is always complemented by a roof which has a gable end. This allows for a more ornate design of glass panels to be inserted into the triangular end section – a starburst is quite common and looks wonderful. The simple roof style also makes the room feel light and airy, whatever the time of year.

  • Maximum space.
  • Easy DIY
  • More roof design.

While it is more typical to see one set of patio doors opening out onto the garden from either the end of the conservatory or one of the sides, if it is big enough some people opt to have two sets of doors. This helps aid air flow through the room during the hottest months of the year without the need for adding an air exchange system.