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Reclaimed Land - Conservatory Build

Reclaimed Land

Marsh land or industrial...

Reclaimed land is land that was previously either marsh land or land that was used for industrial purposes. If your home was originally built on such land then this could cause problems in the future if you decide that you want to have a conservatory built. Vacant and derelict land has often been the result of industry that has either moved on or is no longer functional. This land is then reclaimed for building homes because of the growing number of people who need them.

Conservatory Build on Reclaimed Land

Drill a number of auger-bored piles into the ground...

The conservatory company checked with the land registry on our behalf and used a particular foundation so we were okay...J. Freeman...Yorkshire

The architect or builder will be able to tell you whether your home has been built on reclaimed land and if so what the best solution will be when building your conservatory. The most common recommendation under such circumstances is to drill a number of auger-bored piles into the ground. Once these are in place a raft of concrete is then laid over the top of the piles. This will give your conservatory the reinforced foundation that is needed on reclaimed land.

Conservatory Quote Online

Auger-Bored Foundation Piles

Conservatory foundation that will not be destabilized...

Many people live in ordinary terraces or semis and this means that access to the site can be rather restrictive. When this is the case small auger-boring machines are used which are either petrol or diesel driven – if there is a need to reduce the amount of noise then a quieter electrically driven model may be used. These methods will provide you with a conservatory foundation that will not be destabilized if the ground underneath it moves.

  • Higher Cost.
  • Auger-Bored Piles.
  • Land Registry Check

If you are unsure then you should check with the land registry whether your house was built on reclaimed land – if it was then it will have substantial footings and this means that if you have a conservatory that will need reinforced foundations also. Modern building methods are no longer as complicated as they once were and achieving deep foundations does not necessarily mean a total disruption of the land around your home.