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Raised Bases for Conservatory

Raised Conservatory Bases

A raised base is necessary in certain circumstances...

A raised base ensures that the weight of the conservatory is taken by the walls. In some cases you may find that this is better than building directly onto the ground and allowing that to take the overall weight. A raised base isn’t very common, but in certain circumstances it is necessary to allow the conservatory to be built. For example, if the ground behind your house where you wish to build your conservatory slopes away into the garden, then a raised base becomes necessary to allow your conservatory to be built.

Benefits of Raised Bases for Conservatories

It renders the ground type almost immaterial...

We used a raised base because our back garden was on a slope away from the house...Claire Bradley...London

A raised base makes a conservatory possible in areas where you wouldn’t normally be able to have one, such as the sloped areas mentioned above. It also renders the ground type almost immaterial. If your land is made of earth that is very loose and unstable, for example, then a raised base can make all the difference between having a conservatory and having to make do without one. Having a raised base doesn’t mean you will need planning permission either and using this type of base also means you will have wonderful views out of your higher than average conservatory.

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Raised Base Considerations

Enlist the help of a professional...

The main disadvantage is that a raised base is more complex than a standard concrete base. This makes it more expensive, which will need to be factored into the overall cost of your conservatory. It’s also not a straightforward base to build, and most people usually end up having to enlist the help of a professional to build the base for them.

  • More Cost.
  • Suitable For Most Land.
  • Good For Sloping Gardens.

If your budget is tight you might find you have to wait a while to save up some more money to complete the project. In short, it is the condition of the ground on which you want to build your conservatory that will decide whether you will need a raised base or not.