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Radiator Heating for Conservatories

Radiator Heating

Enjoy your conservatory even on the coldest days...

Radiators are wall mounted and are connected by a network of pipes which run to your boiler. When the boiler is lit and set to turn the heating on, the radiators will start to warm up. This will provide heating to your conservatory when you need it the most. If you currently have a central heating system and a boiler big enough to cope with having extra radiators to heat, then it’s simply a matter of deciding where your new radiators are going to go.

Benefits of Radiator Heating

A cheaper option than having under floor heating...

We already had a full radiator heating system in the house so we just hooked up the conservatory radiators to it...J. Flemming...Berkshire

Radiators can be a cheaper option than having under floor heating fitted, although some people opt for both to make sure the room will be warm enough in the winter. This is especially true with a north facing conservatory. Each radiator can also be controlled separately, allowing you to have the heating on in some rooms and not in others, if you so desire. This is ideal if you are lucky enough to have a real fire in your living room in the winter, but you find your conservatory still needs that extra bit of heat.

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Disadvantages of Radiators

Not the best way to heat a room evenly throughout...

One of the main disadvantages of having radiators is that they take up valuable wall space. In a small space this could be a real problem, and even in a larger one you may well find that you need more than one radiator to adequately heat the entire room. Even though radiators are commonly used to heat our homes, they are not the best way to heat a room evenly throughout. In a conservatory, where under floor heating is an option, the uneven heat offered by a radiator can be a poor second choice.

  • Low Cost.
  • Thermostat Control.
  • Use Wall Space

Overall, whatever kind of conservatory you have you’ll find radiators to be a good option to heat the space reasonably economically. If you choose the correct size radiators for the room size you have, they will provide a good heat source exactly when you need it.