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Polycarbonate Reflective Cooling

Polycarbonate Reflective Cooling

Repels the sun's heat and keeps the room cooler...

Polycarbonate reflective forms a protective layer on the windows of your conservatory. When it is in place it repels the sun’s heat and keeps the room cooler and much more pleasant to enjoy. You can either have windows installed which already have a coating of polycarbonate reflective insulation on them, or if you already have a conservatory you can buy it in sheets and install it yourself. Both methods are just as effective.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Reflective

The sun's heat will no longer be able to enter your conservatory...

Our conservatory never heats up to the point were its unbearable because we used the polycarbonate reflective cooling-insulation...Mrs Muncaster...Hampshire

The great thing about this kind of cooling-insulation is that you will see the benefits straight away. As soon as the insulation is in place, the sun’s heat will no longer be able to enter your conservatory. It will simply bounce off and be reflected back outside, leaving your conservatory cool and pleasant to use – however hot it gets outside. It is also environmentally friendly and surprisingly cheap. It makes no real difference to the appearance of the windows either, and you’ll notice that you can now sit in your conservatory and look out of the window without being blinded by the sun when it is at its strongest.

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Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Reflective

Hard pushed to think of any disadvantages...

If you were to speak to conservatory owners who already have polycarbonate reflective cooling-insulation fitted in their conservatories, they would be hard pushed to think of any disadvantages at all. You might find it a little difficult to cut the sheets to size for any awkward shaped windows in your conservatory, but this is about the limit for any disadvantages, and once the sheets are fitted there is no more work to be done, as they don’t require any upkeep at all.

  • Low Cost.
  • Heat Resistant.
  • No Disadvantages.

In short, if your conservatory is unbearable during the summer, you should invest in some polycarbonate reflective insulation to get back the room of your dreams. After all, why have a conservatory at all if you can’t use it during the best months of the year?