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Piled Conservatory Foundations

Piled Conservatory Foundations

Provides a stronger base for the foundation...

With piled foundations piles are dug into the ground, or dug with machinery if it is available and there is room on the site. The piles or beams are then used as a support for a reinforced concrete ground beam that stretches from one pile to the next, and it is on this base that the conservatory is built. The piles are used to stack up more layers of soil and keep them walled in; this provides a stronger base for the foundation.

Advantages of Piled Foundations

Piles used to be made from wood...

We used a piled foundation due to the reclaimed land our conservatory was being built on...Phil Vincent...Lancashire

One of the advantages of having a piled foundation is that the piles can be arranged in different shapes to match the property they are designed for. When you are using concrete, typical shapes might include a square, octagon or round cross sections. The shapes are often reinforced and made from stressed concrete to provide extra support. Piles used to be made from wood but it is more usual nowadays to have concrete piles or piles made from steel. You can buy ready made piles; depending on the area in which he is working the builder might decide to bring in a drag line excavator to help him lay the piles.

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Considerations Of Piled Foundations

The wrong pile might be used and be unable to support the load...

It is not always easy to know when to use piled foundations or what sort of pile should be used in the construction. You have to weigh up the strength of a pile compared to the ultimate load that will be laid upon it – if your summations are wrong then the wrong pile might be used and be unable to support the load thus causing the failure of the foundation.

  • Greater Support.
  • Various Shapes.
  • Solid Foundation.

In recent years, researchers have a deeper understanding of the relationship between piles and the soil. Piles should be tested to ascertain whether they will be able to stand the ultimate load that will be laid on them.