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Pavilion Conservatories

The pavilion conservatory has an ornate design...

This style of conservatory is also often referred to as a garden room, and despite its more basic design it is actually a stunning style to opt for. The pavilion conservatory is very distinctive, thanks to the ornate design which typically runs along the highest point of the roof. The style mimics the grand pavilions of time gone by, variations of which can still be seen at some sporting events, stately homes and even zoos.

Pavilion Conservatory Design

The pavilion is a great addition to any home...

The pavilion conservatory suits all types of homes large and small which makes this style a popular one...Tony Wilkes...Site Manager

This design has been specifically created to appeal to many different home owners, whatever kind of property they live in. It is also extremely elegant and brings a real sense of luxury to any home. The one chief benefit of the pavilion conservatory is that it can still look stunning even when it is restricted to a fairly small size. To maximise the feeling of light and space in this instance it is best to do away with the option of having a dwarf wall, and simply run the windows directly to the floor.

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Pavilion Style Benefits

There are plenty of options...

Despite its more basic style, you have plenty of options to choose from when you decide to have a pavilion conservatory built. Firstly, although you can have low walls built to form the base on which the windows of your conservatory will sit, this design benefits greatly from having windows that run from floor to roof.

  • Suits most properties
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide range of options

If you are looking to use this design as a garden room, you will probably prefer this option – and it is a fantastic place to fill with plants of all kinds, as well as being a relaxing place to sit. The pavilion conservatory is also one of the easiest designs to construct, and is regularly included as an option for self build conservatories. As such you can often find a pavilion style conservatory for a very competitive price.