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Ovolo Conservatory Roof Cresting

Ovolo Cresting

Looks very much like a half moon shape...

An Ovolo cresting design is a convex design that looks very much like a half moon shape if you were to cut it in half through its width. Although this basic shape can be elaborated upon by creating ridges in the design, it is generally a very straightforward design which is preferred by those who don’t like the fancy trim and ornate features of some of the other types of cresting.

Benefits of Ovolo Cresting

Ovolo is ideal if you have a modern conservatory...

We liked the crescent shaped design so we opted for Ovolo conservatory roof cresting...Mike Francis...West Midlands

The Ovolo cresting is ideal if you have a modern conservatory with a very plain and simple look. It enables you to have a cresting without it being too visible. Not everyone actually likes cresting at all, so if you fall into this group then Ovolo cresting will fit the bill as it won’t be fancy and eye catching. You are still able to finish off the peak of your roof with a finial, which can be of a similarly basic design if you would prefer it.

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Ovolo Cresting Disadvantages

Perfect for any birds living in and around your garden...

The plain features of the Ovolo cresting may be perfect for you, but they are also perfect for any birds living in and around your garden. Unlike many other designs of cresting, the Ovolo design is very easy for birds to land on. Because of this you may well find that your conservatory roof will be messier than it would be if you chose any other type of cresting design. So you would need to weigh up the nice appearance of the simple cresting with the not so nice appearance of the roof when all the birds have finished with it. It will either require you to clean it on a regular basis (which is not the easiest of jobs) or put up with it looking less than pleasant.

  • Low Cost.
  • Modern Design.
  • Crescent Shaped.

In short you would need to think carefully before deciding whether Ovolo cresting is going to work for you. If you can use some kind of bird deterrent on your roof without having to resort to something that is going to be unsightly then there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.