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Orangery Style Conservatory

Orangeries Vs Conservatories...

Orangeries are often chosen over conservatories because they offer a greater sense of privacy. With its side elevations partly build from brick or hardwood, an orangery is more robust than a conservatory, often designed to provide home owners with a wonderfully light and airy extra room. Because their particular structure with solid brick pillars, large glazed area and lantern roofs, orangeries are elegant structures that create an outstanding visual impact, adding considerably to the overall appeal of your home.

Orangery Lowdown

The history behind orangeries...

We wanted another room or sun house in the garden. An orangery fitted the bill perfectly and offered a degree of privacy more than normal conservatories...Peter Donaldson...Rochdale

The history of the orangery begins in the 17th century, when advances in technology enabled the production of large expanses of glass. The fashion of having an orangery started in Holland and was taken up by the nobility in England due to the close relationship between the two nations at the time. The orangery was more than a greenhouse used to grow orange and lime trees during the cold winters of Northern Europe; it was considered a luxurious house extension, a symbol of prestige and wealth. Today’s orangeries are practical home extensions that provide elegant and valuable improvements to your home and add to the quality of your lifestyle.

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Choosing An Orangery

Planning permission can be easier with orangeries...

In the majority of cases, adding an orangery to your home does not require planning permission because it is considered a permitted development. However, it is subject to limits and conditions that take into consideration the aesthetic effect of your orangery on the surrounding homes. Moreover, you do need planning permission if you add an orangery to a house which has already been extended or if you own a house with restrictions on extending the property.

  • Solid structure.
  • More privacy.
  • Easy to get planning permission.

Some people who have Georgian style homes will choose and orangery rather than a Georgian style conservatory. The simplicity of many orangeries are sometimes enough to persuade the planning officer to allow them to be built as they are not too out of keeping with existing buildings.