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Oak Conservatories

Timeless appeal of an Oak Conservatory...

Many people prefer the timeless appeal of hardwood conservatories to more modern aluminium and UPVC constructions, and one of the most popular materials for building conservatories is oak. European oak (quercus robur) has been a popular construction material for centuries. The next time you visit a church or a stately home, take a look around – you’ll almost always find that a part of the building is made of this durable and beautiful wood. While other woods can be used for hardwood conservatories (such as meranti, sapele, iroko, utile, idigbo and mahogany), there are several advantages to choosing oak conservatories.

Traditional Oak Conservatory

There are 3 main types of styles for oak conservatories...

I believe in traditional materials and because an Oak is energy efficient when it comes to manufacturing I decided to go for the natural look and feel for my conservatory....Gorden Davies...Manchester

Victorian oak conservatories have a distinctive shape because of their bay fronts. Most Victorian oak conservatories have three or five bays, giving the front the shape of a reverse hexagon or octagon. The roof on these conservatories is also distinctive, as Victorian oak conservatory roofs have a high pitch.

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Benefits Of Oak

As well as being timeless oak conservatories offers lots of benefits...

One reason to favour oak conservatories is that they are kinder to the environment. Many of the other woods are not sustainable and have resulted in severe deforestation. European oak thrives in our climate and using older trees and replanting new ones helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Thermally efficient.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Oak conservatories use considerably less energy in the manufacturing process than UPVC conservatories do, and the finished product is also thermally efficient. In addition, modern paints mean that oak conservatories require little maintenance.