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Conservatory Stone Floors

Natural Stone Floors

Last for years without looking any less stunning..

Opting for a natural stone floor in your conservatory is an excellent way to add a grand finishing touch to the newest room in your house. It offers plenty of options and is rugged enough to last for years without looking any less stunning than it did on the day it was first laid. Natural stone tiles come in lots of different shapes and sizes, making them extremely versatile for laying in conservatories of all shapes. A natural stone floor allows you much more freedom in design than you would get with almost any other flooring choice.

Benefits of Natural Stone

Create a unique mosaic effect with a stone floor...

Because of the durability and the finished look we opted for a granite stone floor which looks fantastic and is always a talking pint with guests...T. Dempster...Wiltshire

It’s perfectly possible, for example, to select several different sizes of stone tiles in order to create a unique mosaic effect. This allows you to have a conservatory floor that is truly one of a kind. If this is something that appeals, sketch some rough designs on a piece of paper first, and then transfer them over to a piece of graph paper. You can then shade in the different colours you require and estimate how many tiles you will need to complete your design. You also have a wide range of types to choose from – limestone, terracotta, granite and travertine are just four examples.

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Natural Stone Disadvantages

Your stone floor will need treating it on a regular basis...

While a natural stone floor looks amazing, it is not very forgiving when it comes to dropping things on it. You will also have to be prepared to look after it by treating it on a regular basis – both after installation and at regular intervals thereafter. Treatments vary depending on the type of stone you have, so the best course of action is to ask for advice at the place where you bought your natural stone flooring initially, to make sure you buy the correct product to do the job.

  • High maintenance.
  • Superb Finish.
  • Longer to Install.

In short, a stone floor looks amazing if you are prepared to invest the time and money needed into making a real feature of it.