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Lean To Conservatories

The Lean To conservatory is ideal for bungalows...

A lean to conservatory is the most basic of all conservatories, and as such will suit most properties. The lean to style is generally one of the smallest designs you will come across. Larger houses with room on more than one side may use a bigger, more impressive conservatory on the rear of the property, while adding a lean to conservatory onto the second side to use for other purposes. They are ideal for bungalows where the height of the conservatory is restricted by the height of the building.

Lean To Conservatory Uses

The lean to is ideal for storage space...

We use the lean to as an additional storage room were we have placed the washing machine and dryer...Michelle Nisbit...Taunton

The lean to style is generally one of the smallest conservatory designs you will come across and is more traditionally thought of as an extension to the garden, rather than an additional room added on to the house. It has many practical uses and usually has a pitched roof, although it can have a flat roof if desired.

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Lean To Benefits

The lean to is ideal for DIY...

A lean to conservatory is ideal if space is limited and you want to make the best use of what you have. It is also perfect for a DIY build, because of its simple design. Although this type of conservatory has a basic design, it is actually extremely versatile and can be made to appear much more expensive than it actually is. For example, you can build a low brick wall into the design, with tall windows coming down to rest on it, or you can take the windows right to the floor if you wish.

  • Extra storage
  • Additional room
  • Cheap

You will also find that the heating costs for a lean to are very low in comparison to otherconservatory types and styles. The different styles of windows and doors available can also make this simple design much more elegant and welcoming.