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Leaded Glass for Conservatories

Leaded Glass

Alternatively know as leaded lights...

Leaded glass is sometimes known by the name of leaded lights. This type of glass dates from the time when all sorts of glass was hand blown. The glass blower would take a piece of glass and make a bottle shape, and then while it was still hot the glass blower would cut the glass open to make it into a flat sheet. These were then cut into small pieces. The small pieces of blown glass would then be joined back together to make a single window. Nowadays this process has been taken over by machines.

Leaded Glass Process

Modern leaded glass does acquire the patina...

We had all our top windows on the conservatory produced with leaded glass to create a beautiful visual effect...Claire Resford...Glossop

Modern types of leaded glass are made differently to how they used to be made. The modern version is made by inserting lead strips inside a double glazed unit. With this method the does not acquire the patina that is usually associated with age as it is not exposed to the elements. This means that the leaded glass still keeps its bright and shiny colour.

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The Aging Process

Lead strips to be aged before they are inserted...

If you should decide that you want leaded glass in your conservatory you might want to ask for the lead strips to be aged before they are inserted into the double glazed unit, as this gives a more authentic look.

  • Visual
  • Stylish
  • Fits most conservatory styles

Because the lead is on the inside of the unit it may remain looking brand new because it is not facing the weather, while the glass itself ages. When the lead is new and first exposed to the weather it will go through a sort of staining process which is where white carbonate forms on the lead and shows as white streaks in the glass. As time goes by, these streaks will fade. In some double glazed units the leaded effect is applied to both sides of the pieces of glass before it is assembled.