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Lantern Conservatories

The Lantern high roof distinguishes this conservatory...

The Lantern style of conservatory offers a completely different feeling when you walk into it, as compared to a standard conservatory. The extra height makes the whole room seem even bigger, and makes it a very desirable addition to any home large enough to tolerate it. The main feature that sets a Lantern conservatory apart from any other design is the extra section included in the roof

Lantern Conservatory Style

The lantern style conservatory is recognised worldwide...

Because we had a large property the lantern conservatory added that extra room that proportionally matched our property...J. Dunstnon...Swansea

The classic features of the Lantern style conservatory can be seen at many famous locations around the world, making them one of the better known designs. With this said, they are not ideal to add to just any property – but if you have the right location a Lantern conservatory can add a touch of elegance that is hard to beat.

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Lantern Style Properties

A lantern conservatory will not suit all types of properties...

Because of the increased height of the roof, it is not suitable for single storey buildings such as bungalows. The extra height would look somewhat bizarre on a single storey property. The conservatory also has to be of a certain size overall to be able to take the extra section of roof that transforms it into a Lantern conservatory. If the second tier is too small you won’t have that feeling of extra space that it should provide.

  • Lots of space.
  • High roof.
  • Suits large properties.

For this reason larger properties are much better suited to having a Lantern conservatory. In short, if you have the room for a Lantern conservatory and you want something that will really enhance your home and provide you with a wonderful space to enjoy and make use of, then this particular style will not disappoint.