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Conservatory Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass does not shatter...

Laminated glass, like toughened glass, is a safety glass. Toughened glass is designed in such a way that if it is shattered it breaks into a million tiny pieces without sharp edges to minimize danger. Laminated glass on the other hand does not shatter – it cracks like a car windscreen. Laminated glass is a safety glass that is held together by an interlayer of PVB or polyvinyl butyral between two layers of glass. The interlayer is designed to keep the glass bonded together even when it is broken, when the glass is hit hard enough it produces a spider patterned crack.

Laminated Glass Process

This choice of glass is great for security...

Because we have two young children we decided to use laminated glass as you know what kids are banging in to everything...J. Dingle...Camarthen

One of the problems with laminated glass is that because it is almost impossible to break it can be dangerous if you need to break it if a fire breaks out. If however, security is a major consideration then laminated glass will deter break ins. When laminated glass is made the plastic sheet which is 0.38 mm is placed between two sheets of glass each 3mm thick and glaziers refer to it as 6.38 laminated glass.

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Insulation Properties

Laminated glass helps insulate...

Laminated glass is more expensive than toughened glass, but besides its safety features it also has insulating properties. Because laminated glass is thicker than other glass it has a greater capacity to block noise and provide insulation. When you are planning your conservatory you would need to weigh up the extra cost of laminated glass against the insulation and security considerations.

  • Safety
  • Insulation
  • Does not shatter

If you have children then you might want to consider having laminated glass in your conservatory over other types of glass. There is less likely to be a nasty accident with laminated glass as it tends to hang together very well even after a very heavy impact.