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Heat Reflective Glass

Heat Reflective Glass

Adds a slight brown or grey tint...

Heat resistant glass is specially treated and it has a heat reflective coating on one side of the pane. The coating is very thin but will nevertheless give your conservatory windows a slight brown or grey tint to them. This special coating allows the sun’s energy to pass through the glass from the outside while reducing heat and energy loss from inside your home. It is thus recommended to people who want some form of extra¬†insulation in their conservatory.

Heat Reflective Glass Types

The first type can be easily damaged...

We liked the Georgian look and feel so we opted for this one as it matches the style of our property...Sarah Johnston...Cardiff

There are two types of heat reflective glass. The first one is a sputtered or soft coat glass; in this type the coating is easily damaged by air or moisture. This is why it has to be used on the inner side of a double or triple glazed unit. This type of glass does not work well in a single unit.

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Pyrolitic Glass

Allows sufficient light...

The second type is what is known as pyrolitic or hard-coat glass. This second type of glass does not have to be part of a double or triple glazed unit – on its own however it is not effective for keeping out the heat of the sun. Heat reflective glass is popular because on very bright days it will reduce the amount of glare in your conservatory – at the same time it will also let in sufficient light if it is a dull day.

  • Two types
  • Heat reflective
  • Brown or grey tint

Heat reflective glass does not provide this insulation by itself; in order to do that the glass has to be part of a double or triple glazed unit. If you have had to get planning permission for your conservatory then you may not be able to have heat reflective glass as most planning officers do not like the tint that it has.