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Hardwood Conservatory

Hardwood Conservatory

The hardwood conservatory lowdown...

When we think about adding conservatories to our home, we often think of white, plastic UPVC conservatories. However, hardwood conservatories provide a more aesthetically attractive and weather resistant alternative. They are crafted using the finest timbers and can be painted in a range of colours and stains, making your wooden conservatory as individual as you are.

Conservatories wooden date from the Victorian era, then they were used to grow plants and seeds brought back from warmer climates. The meaning of the word conservatory has changed since then. These days they are generally understood to be structures connected to houses that increase the living space while adding character and distinction to any property.

Hardwood Types and Styles

Choosing the right type of wooden conservatory...

We chose a hardwood conservatory because we wanted the natural look and feel....Felicity Greadin...Worthing

When choosing hardwood conservatories, a key decision is which style to select. There are many different designs to choose from, ranging from classic to modern. Conservatories wooden allow you to combine traditional elegance with modern advantages. While they offer a classic style, double glazing makes them truly comfortable, and modern paint finishes render them virtually maintenance free.

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Benefits of a Hardwood Conservatory

Timber is appealing, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

There are many reasons to choose a hardwood conservatory. As a natural material, timber is more attractive than most other materials and keeps its appearance for many, many years with the minimum of attention. Timber conservatories also have a number of other advantages:

  • Timber is environmentally friendly.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material in the world. Using timber in the construction of your conservatory is an excellent option to create a safe and healthy living space through conservation of resources like energy and water. Using older trees and planting new ones in their place helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.

  • Timber is thermally efficient

We lose both energy and money through poor thermal efficiency. Experts measure the rate of heat loss through a building material in U values. The lower the U value the more thermally efficient your hardwood conservatory is. A standard single glazed window will have a typical U value of 5.6, but a double glazed wooden conservatory is extremely thermally efficient, with U values of 2.2, descending to as low as 1.1 if you use double special glass and argon glass. Today’s hardwood conservatories can be up to 5 times more thermally efficient than traditional single glazed ones, which means significant savings in both energy and money.

Why Not Consider a Hardwood Orangery?

A hardwood orangery provides greater warmth and privacy

An orangery differs from a conservatory because an orangery has a greater brick or stone built elevation area. An orangery has a flat roof area with roof lanterns inset, which is practical and meets safety regulations if you need easy access to upper windows. The combination of traditional build and glazing of a wooden orangery creates a striking visual effect, contributing to the overall appeal of your home.

The hardwood orangery dates back to the sixteenth century, when they were used to grow oranges during the harsh winters of northern Europe. The modern orangery has evolved into a building with many practical features, synonymous with graceful living.

A hardwood orangery makes sense, as its construction involves less glass and more timber than a wooden conservatory. As such, a hardwood orangery provides a deal more privacy than a wooden conservatory, while still allowing plenty of light in.