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Gull Wing Conservatories

The gull wing conservatory is rectangular shaped...

A gull wing conservatory, if looked at from the air, looks like a basic rectangle shape. The only difference it has is that the two corners which face away from the building to which it is attached are cut off, giving a more interesting shape than simply having a right angle. It is essentially a slightly more advanced version of the simple ‘lean to’ style of conservatory, and as such is ideal if you don’t have the room for a larger conservatory but you want something a little different from the standard lean to design.

Gull Wing Property Match

The gull wing shape suits most properties...

My husband is a DIY expert and we purchased a gull wing shaped conservatory on a supply only basis...Mary Swindle...Coventry

The gull wing is a very versatile design and it suits most properties, whether they are large or small, multi storey or single storey. You can also have a gull wing conservatory with just one shaped corner if you wish; this is ideal if your property has a high wall running along one side that you want to put the conservatory up against. The style of the gull wing also benefits properties with a reasonable size garden.

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Gull Wing Benefits

A gull wing shape can look stunning...

Whatever kind of property you have, you can usually accommodate this design. It also looks stunning when the door to the exterior is placed in the angled corner. This also leaves the right angles between the walls and the property free for placing furniture, or even building in low fitted units if you wish.

  • Rectangular shape
  • Suits most properties
  • Rounded corners

The gull wing is also perfect if you are consideringĀ building your own conservatory, as it is one of the easiest models to build, while also retaining some interest by having more attractive features than the basic rectangular or square conservatories.