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Georgian Conservatory Glass

Georgian Glass

Georgian glass has six panes...

The typical number of panes of glass in a Georgian window is six panes, with three panes wide and two long. However, with conservatory windows it is possible for you to decide just how many panes you will want in each window – although this will again increase the cost because of the number of extra bars needed.

Aluminium Extrusions

Choose between traditional and aluminium...

We liked the Georgian look and feel so we opted for this one as it matches the style of our property...Sarah Johnston...Cardiff

Some glaziers will recommend aluminium extrusions instead of the more traditional bars. If you agree to this then it will be possible for you to have a number of different styles including a Georgian arch or a leaded type design - although this last is more reminiscent of the Tudor period than the Georgian. Having aluminium extrusions rather than wood will detract from the Georgian appearance of your windows.

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Your Budget

Adding to the basics could cost...

If you want Georgian windows along with double glazed units then this will significantly increase the price of your conservatory glass because it will involve a lot more carpentry.

  • Traditional
  • Flexible
  • Decorative

Should you decide to have Georgian windows with extra panes and bars then you will need to factor into your budget the extra costing. You should also bear in mind that the more panes you have then the harder it may be to keep your windows clean.