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Indoor Gardens

Plants can fit in with any kind of décor and provide the finishing touch...

Plants make a truly wonderful addition to any conservatory – whatever you may intend to use the room for. They can fit in with any kind of décor and provide the finishing touch which turns a normal room into a wonderful and welcoming sanctuary to retreat to. Plants can soften the overall look and make the area much more pleasing to enjoy. There is also plenty of room for variation – you can install hanging baskets with specific types of plants in if you wish, as well as using tall floor standing plants which like a sunny spot to live in.

Garden Rooms Ideas

Garden rooms make the transition to your garden gracefully smooth...

I like the freshness having plants provides so we incorporate lots of various types within the conservatory...Jane Freeman...Yorkshire

The garden room design takes its inspiration from earthy tones and leafy foliage. Informal displays of plants and pots, botanical prints and garden furniture give the room a sense of authenticity and character.

Conservatory Quote Online

Choose Your Plants Carefully

Vary the plants you have in your conservatory...

It’s good to vary the plants you have in your conservatory throughout the year, just as you would with the plants in your garden. During the summer months when the conservatory is warm, buy plants that enjoy a warm atmosphere, such as cactus. This is one of the few plants that will flourish in an atmosphere that can experience extremes of temperature. Citrus trees, such as the small ornamental orange and lemon trees, love the conditions in a typical conservatory, and can really blossom well. They are also a little more unusual.

Your Plant Budget

It's really up to you...

Conservatory plants are available to fit every budget. It’s really up to you whether you want to start with just one or two plants and add to the display gradually, or whether you want to start in a big way and buy several plants to hang and display around the whole room.

  • Low Cost.
  • Adds Atmosphere.
  • Clean Air.

Not only do plants make any size and style of conservatory look even more inviting, they will also improve the air quality. What’s more, they are accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or desires. Whatever type of plant you like, you are sure to find something you will enjoy having in your conservatory.