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Garden Room Conservatory

Garden Room Conservatories

Enjoy the sheer size of a garden room conservatory...

If you have room for a really big conservatory, then the garden room will certainly fit the bill. Although a dwarf wall is sometimes used, it tends to be on the small side and doesn’t detract in any way from the huge glass windows that tend to be a feature of this particular style. As soon as you step into the room you feel as if you are already in the garden.

Garden Room Conservatory Roofs

Simple garden room roofs...

We wanted to feel like we were in the garden which is why we chose the Garden Room style...J. Marost...Cambridge

A simple sloping roof is always used in this design – the roof is definitely not the most eye catching feature. The only notable part of the roof is that it is almost always finished with large panes of glass, to further give you that feeling of being outside, even though you are not. Because of the simple roof design there is no need for the more elaborate cresting that is the hallmark of many of the more complicated and fancy conservatory designs.

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Garden Room Uses

The garden room style offers natural space...

Because the garden room conservatory works best when it is at its biggest, it is most suited to larger properties which have a large back garden as well. The main use of a garden room is as a room to relax in, and as such a larger room will have plenty of space to include furniture such as wicker armchairs and sofas.

  • Lots of light.
  • Lots of space.
  • Simple roof design

Most garden room conservatories actually have a minimal amount of furniture in them, because they are only intended to be used for a single purpose. This makes even the smaller size rooms seem very large, so it is easy to make the most of the space you have.