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Gable Conservatory Shape

Gable Shape Conservatories

The gable shaped conservatory has a distinctive roof...

A gable conservatory is one of the more basic designs of conservatory available. It is similar to an Edwardian design and is rectangular or square in shape. One notable feature of a gable conservatory is the design of its roof. There is no sloping front section; instead the section above the windows at the front forms a triangle which continues up to meet the roof. In this way it tends to match the roof design of most houses. This feature is highly recognisable and is one of the attractions of this stunning design.

Gable Shape Property Match

Older properties suit the gable shaped conservatory...

Prior to choosing a gable shape styled conservatory we talked with the architect who recommended this shape to best match our house...T. Forester...Lincoln

This more traditional design is well suited to many property styles; however it really comes into its own when built as an addition to an older house. The roof design of the gable conservatory ensures a large and imposing feel, and this works far better with older and larger houses than it does with the sometimes smaller houses more commonly built today.

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Gable Shape Benefits

A gable shaped conservatory has a practical design...

This style of conservatory does not necessarily need to be particularly large to enhance the main house and create a much more desirable living space. In this sense it is one of the more affordable styles of conservatory, whatever your overall budget may be. It is also a very practical design – its square or rectangular shape makes it easier to plan the interior furnishings, and to move or alter them as appropriate long after the conservatory is built.

  • Practical design
  • Spacious
  • Lots of light

The roof design also lends a light and airy feel to the room, which makes it a very attractive addition to have to your home. This feature makes even the smallest gable conservatory seem much bigger and more spacious than its floor space would otherwise reveal. The gable design also looks equally good whether it is built onto the rear or the side of a house.