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Frosted Glass for Conservatories

Frosted Glass

Offers a degree of privacy...

Frosted glass is also called etched, patterned or obscured glass, as well as bathroom glass. Most glaziers will tell you that it is the ideal solution for your conservatory if you live in an area where privacy is an issue. Frosted glass will allow you to see out and enjoy your garden while ensuring that you are not overlooked. People may choose frosted glass for their conservatories even when privacy is not an issue simply because there is a choice of patterns and tints.

Frosted Glass Etching

You can tailor make the frosted glass design...

Our garden was overlooked by the houses opposite so for privacy reasons we opted for frosted glass...Michael McBride...Dunstable

Nowadays glaziers can do many different things with frosted glass, including etching it with a sandblaster to give different finishes. When the conservatory is constructed the patterned side is usually inward facing so that any grime collecting in the atmosphere will be on the flat surface outside. It is much easier to remove such grime from a flat surface than it is a patterned one.

Conservatory Quote Online

Frosted Glass Decoration

Choose to have decals...

There are a number of companies that specialise in frosted glass windows and they also offer stickers and decals to personalize your glass even further. These decals can be fitted onto almost any type of window and door, including frosted glass – you can have these applied to the corners of your windows as well as to the middle.

  • Privacy
  • Individuality
  • Decorative

Most frosted glass windows are made from specially toughened glass which makes them resilient and secure. You can also have frosted glass with decals fitted to your conservatory door. There is plenty of choice when it comes to conservatory glass and you will want that which suits both your needs and your budget.