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Portable Air Conditioning

Fixed Air Conditioning

Remote control your air conditioning units...

f you dislike the thought of having free standing floor fans cluttering up your conservatory, then you will like the main benefit of having fixed air conditioning installed. It blends into the background so much that you won’t even know it’s there. You can also control your air conditioning units via a remote control and a timer, ensuring that if you are out for the day during the summer, you can simply program the air conditioning to come on an hour or so before you arrive home. This will ensure you can use your conservatory straight away and not have to wait for it to cool down first.

Considerations of Fixed Air Conditioning

They are expensive to install...

We opted for a portable air conditioning unit as we could move it to which ever room we wanted not just for our conservatory...John Tailor...Darwin

The main disadvantage is cost. Because fixed air conditioning units are built into or onto the walls, they are much more expensive to install – not to mention the fact that you generally have to have an expert do the installation for you. It’s not something you can do yourself. There is also the risk that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you will need to pay for an engineer to come out and fix the units. This can be very costly.

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Portable Air Conditioning Units

Cool down other rooms in your house...

If you want to make air conditioning fast and easy, without having to worry about how it needs to be installed, then a portable air conditioning unit provides the ideal answer. Each unit comes attached to a plug which you can plug directly into a wall socket. The ability to be able to move the units around to meet your needs is a big advantage of having mobile air conditioning. If you need to cool down other rooms in your house you can do so.

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  • Fixed or Portable.
  • Low to High Cost

In order to benefit from the air conditioning you will need to keep the conservatory closed to the outside elements. Even having a single window open will affect the efficiency of the air conditioning, so you need to be sure you are happy for this to happen.