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Elizabethan Conservatories

An Elizabethan conservatory offer maximum light and space...

An Elizabethan style conservatory is designed to give you the maximum amount of light and space. It is traditionally either a square or a rectangle in design, and has a clear glass roof to allow the maximum amount of light and sunshine into the conservatory all year round. The best word to describe this style is ‘spacious’. The clean lines and simple but elegant style of this conservatory make it the perfect addition for many homes, whatever its intended purpose may be.

Elizabethan Conservatory Benefits

More light with the Elizabethan...

The reason we chose an Elizabethan was purely because we wanted the maximum amount of light in our sun room...James Duncan...Clwyd

The windows may be either full length or shortened by the presence of a dwarf wall running along the base of the conservatory. The absence of a wall can make a smaller Elizabethan conservatory seem much larger, and brings the garden into the home with better views of the lawn and the world beyond. The roof has clear large panes of glass, and is topped off by cresting that is normally rather ornate, although simpler designs can also look equally good.

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Elizabethan Property Matches

The Elizabethan offers versatility...

Due to its versatility many different types of property benefit from having an Elizabethan style conservatory built onto them. The abundance of light makes the room ideal to use as a garden room, with plenty of flowers and plants to liven up the interior.

  • Lots of light.
  • Lots of space.
  • Good all round

The Elizabethan is perhaps one of the best conservatory styles there is that is able to bring the garden inside, and extend the home outside, making it an ideal centre to use for parties and get togethers of any size.