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Heated Conservatory Floor

Electric Under Floor Heating

Usually buy the cable pre-installed into sheets...

Electric under floor heating is possible thanks to a heated cable which is laid beneath your laminate or tiles. When you have a whole conservatory floor to heat you will usually buy the cable pre-installed into sheets. These are then connected together and are far easier to lay. It’s important therefore to figure out exactly what size sheets you will need – and how to lay them on your conservatory floor – before you buy anything.

Under Floor Heating Benefits

You can control your under floor heating with a thermostat...

We didn't want the 'cold feet' experience so we went for under floor heating...Fred Macker...London

It is also the ideal way to heat a conservatory (especially a small one) and it means you don’t need to lose any valuable space by having a radiator put in. Even a slimline radiator can interfere with your use of that wall space, whereas under floor heating doesn’t present that problem. Another advantage is that just like a central heating system, you can control your under floor heating with a thermostat. You can decide exactly when and how often your under floor heating comes on, and set it to be warm by the time you get in from work, for example.

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Disadvantages of Electric Under Floor Heating

Your floor may take longer to heat...

If you don’t use some kind of thermal barrier beneath the heating mats, your floor will take longer to heat. This will also result in a higher cost to achieve the same result. Of course, the luxury of having under floor heating installed will have running costs attached to it anyway, although these aren’t extortionate. In fact compared to a radiator the costs are generally less. You may also need to pay a qualified electrician to install it correctly for you, the cost of which should be factored into your budget.

  • Space Saver.
  • Thermostat Control.
  • High Cost

Overall the benefits of having electric under floor heating installed far outweigh any disadvantages, and the comfort you’ll experience makes this particular purchase worth every penny.