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Electric Plug Fan for Conservatories

Electric Plug Fans

Far cheaper to buy than ceiling fans...

There are lots of benefits to buying an electric plug fan – not least the fact that it is far cheaper to buy thanĀ ceiling fans. There is also no installation to worry about; you simply have to unpack it, plug it in and enjoy a cool breeze within minutes of getting it home. It is also portable, which means that when the weather becomes cooler and you no longer need it, you can store it away in another room or cupboard, ready to bring out again next year. The other main advantage of an electric plug fan is that most of them are capable of oscillating to distribute a cool breeze over most of the room, not just a single area.

Disadvantages of Electric Conservatory Fans

Can take up valuable floor space...

We already had two large electric plug in fans which we use in the conservatory in the summer months...Mrs Baitler...Stoke

The main disadvantage is that it takes up valuable floor space. If your conservatory is particularly small you could find this to be a problem. Before buying this kind of fan, find out what amount of floor space it needs and look round to see where you could stand it without having to move any furniture out of the way. Some floor standing fans can also look quite unsightly, which might not be the best look for your conservatory if you want it to look tidy and well furnished.

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Benefits of Electric Plug Fans

Variable control that allows you to regulate the breeze...

A floor standing electric fan is a good option to go for. It can also provide some cool relief if you have your conservatory fitted during the summer, and you need to wait to have ceiling fans fitted. Together with a variable control that allows you to regulate the breeze it gives out, you can see that this type of fan is extremely versatile and ideal for most conservatories of a small or reasonable size.

  • No Installation.
  • Low Cost.
  • Mobile.

If you still want to buy a freestanding fan, make sure you shop around to find the best style you can that will fit in with the style of your conservatory. You can buy smaller squarer style fans in silver which take up less space and are far more unobtrusive than the older larger styles.