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Edwardian Conservatories

An Edwardian conservatory creates floor space...

The Edwardian style conservatory has more of a squared front to it than many Victorian styled ones. This square frontage is designed to maximise the use of the floor space in your conservatory. Edwardian styled conservatories have a more simplistic architectural form which blends well with some of the dwellings of that era.

Edwardian Conservatory Lowdown

The Edwardian has a high pitched roof...

We bought the Edwardian because it matched the age of our house and as we had a large garden the Edwardian fitted in perfectly...Mrs G. Heartly...Warminster

The Edwardian style conservatory usually has a high pitched roof which maximises the light in the building. The simplicity of style can be more personalised with the use of different types of glazing and ornamentation. The conservatory became a necessary addition to the larger homes of the wealthy during the Edwardian period - as the craze for garden croquet took hold. In many Edwardian style conservatories the roof is the focal point and there is generous living space.

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Edwardian Roof Tips

The Edwardian roof height could lose heat...

The height of the roof could mean that you could loose lot more heat than you might with a flatter roof style. One way of offsetting this is to use double glazed heat reflecting glass in the conservatory, as many experts believe that this is one way of making your conservatory more energy efficient and of providing greater insulation.

  • Lots of space.
  • High roof.
  • Period style.

Both the Edwardian and the Victorian style conservatories are becoming more popular as many buyers are also favouring houses of this period. Most manufacturers now have ‘do it yourself’ conservatory packs in the Edwardian style.