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Conservatory concrete floor


Basic requirements for your conservatory groundwork...

When building a conservatory, the groundwork has to take into consideration the type of soil and the water table level. Depending on the construction surface, the amount of shrinkage and expansion caused by the moisture content can cause significant damage to the conservatory, so certain types of foundation have to be used. The moisture of the soil can also be affected in areas where there are plants or trees, as they dry out the ground and this can affect the foundation when there is an extended period of dry weather.

According to the building regulations, a new conservatory can not be built over drains as this will block access to inspection chambers. If your home was originally built on reclaimed land, then your builder will be able to recommend you the best solution for the type of foundation that is needed.


The type of your conservatory foundation depends on the surface conditions...

It was the cheaper option to opt for a concrete floor, however the finished look after it had been polished was marvellous...C. Holt...Derby

The foundation of your conservatory transmits the load of the structure to the ground. This is why, when choosing the foundation you have to consider the type of soil and surface conditions.

Deep strip foundations usually work well where the strength of the soil in the load area does not vary much but are not recommended in areas with clay soil. If the shape of your conservatory is unusual, the piled foundations are recommended to match the property design. When the soil has a low load bearing capacity, you can use raft foundations, which considerably helps reduce settlements where the ground becomes uneven.

If you want to build your conservatory foundation quicker, then you may want to consider trench fill foundations. They are deep foundations that make it less likely for problems to occur if the soil’s substrata changes.

Conservatory Quote Online


There are several types of conservatory bases, including steel and wooden bases...

The most popular types of conservatory bases are concrete bases because they are the easiest option. However, if you want to erect your conservatory quicker, then you may like to opt for other types, like wooden or steel bases. A raised conservatory base ensures that the weight of the conservatory is taken by the walls as well. A raised base makes the building of a conservatory possible even in slopped areas.