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Conservatory roof

Glass types

The glass type depends on the style of your conservatory...

When choosing the glazing for your conservatory, glass is a better option than polycarbonate because is long lasting and allows plenty of daylight into the interior. Depending on the design of your home, you can choose from different styles and types of glass to fit your conservatory design. Georgian or Victorian windows with curved glass or the stylish leaded glass for a contemporary design. Frosted glass will allow you to enjoy the view of your garden while ensuring more privacy. If you want to use your conservatory all year round, than you may like to choose heat reflective glass, which helps reducing heat energy loss. A self cleaning glass will keep the conservatory glass clean for a long period of time, while laminated and toughened glass provide a higher level of safety.


Use your conservatory all year round...

It was the cheaper option to opt for a concrete floor, however the finished look after it had been polished was marvellous...C. Holt...Derby

If you want to build a conservatory that is energy efficient, the roof, the walls, the conservatory window and doors are the areas you need to focus on. The cost of your conservatory insulation will vary significantly depending on the quality of the products you choose.

Polystyrene and jablite are quite popular because they are cost effective and energy efficient. However, if you want a highly energy efficient conservatory, you can choose U glass which will increase the cost of your conservatory, but save on your heating bills. A cheaper energy efficient option is the polycarbonate reflective insulation, which has the advantage of keeping the conservatory cool during the summer and keeps the heat inside during the winter. For a more environmentally friendly option, celotex insulation provides the ideal solution for meeting CO2 reduction requirements and high thermal performances.

Conservatory Quote Online

Roof types

Cost effective and great looking roofs for your new conservatory...

The roof is one of the most important part of your conservatory build. You can choose from a variety of roof materials to best suit your particular needs, from the great looking glass to the highly cost effective polycarbonate. If you choose glass for your conservatory roof, then the structure of the roof beams need to be strong to support the weight of the glass. The design of the conservatory roof will take into account the rafters, or jack rafters and the rain gutters as well as being able to support the weight of the roofing material you have chosen.

Crestials and Finials

The final architectural touch...

Conservatory cresting is the decorative part of the roof, with finals at the end of the crest. The selection of these features depends largely on the style of your conservatory: contemporarytraditional or ovolo for modern homes.