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Curved Glass for Conservatories

Curved Glass

Fits with most buildings...

People will often have curved glass in their conservatories to make it fit with the rest of their home. Curved glass is particularly popular where there is art deco architecture or Victorian architecture. The curved glass is designed in such as way that it will fit in with the existing buildings. The glass that is used in conservatories is covered by the building regulations; this means that whatever type of conservatory glass you choose it has to be of a certain standard.

Planning Permission

Listed buildings require planning permission...

I wanted a domed roof effect so I opted for curved glass that was toughened...J. Goodwin...Cambridge

If you happen to live in a listed building then you will have to get planning permission before you can have a conservatory built. You may get planning permission but have to comply with certain rules about the nature of the building you plan on having erected.

Conservatory Quote Online

Dome Effect

Curved glass is adaptable...

Curved glass panels are also used in the conservatory roof, especially when the owner is looking to achieve a domed look to the building. Experts can do a lot of things with modern curved glass.

  • Adaptable
  • Domed effect
  • Energy efficient

You can have curved glass panels for your conservatory in toughened glass or in laminated glass. You can also have curved glass in single or double glazed units.