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Cork Conservatory Floors

Cork Floors

Environmentally friendly...

A cork floor is a very environmentally friendly choice to use in your conservatory, as the tree bark it is created from renews itself afterwards. In this sense the bark is harvested – as opposed to chopping down the tree and growing a new one. It is an extremely versatile and attractive choice to have in your conservatory. This type of floor is also very tough – it’s more than capable of taking its share of hard knocks. Dropping those large toys onto it won’t hurt it in any way.

Cork Floor Benefits

Cork floors are exceptionally good at absorbing noise...

We didn't fancy getting cold feet in the winter but we wanted a similar effect to wood so we opted for a cork floor...M. Baines...Edinburgh

Cork floors are ideal whatever you are intending to use your conservatory for, but they are particularly good if you are thinking of transforming it into a playroom for your children. This is because it is exceptionally good at absorbing noise, and also provides a softer alternative to woodstone or tile - far kinder to your children’s knees when they inevitably fall over from time to time. Cork is also very easy to cut to any required shape, which is perfect if you are laying the floor yourself and you have a conservatory which has anything other than perfect right angles at the corners.

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Save Money With Cork

A cork floor will never be too cold to bear...

You’ll also notice the benefits of cork flooring in the colder winter months. Not only is it very pleasant underfoot – as opposed to cold tiles – it also helps to insulate your conservatory and keep it warmer when it’s cold outside. This in turn means you won’t have to factor in the cost of having under floor heating installed, as the floor will never be too cold to bear. Once you add on the money you’ll save by not having higher heating bills, you’ll see how beneficial cork really is.

  • Low Cost.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Easy To Fit

The only big disadvantage comes when you decide to remove it in favour of something else. Taking up cork flooring isn’t the easiest of jobs – but then taking up any kind of flooring is hard work, so even this isn’t a major disadvantage.