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Contemporary Cresting

Tends to be of a more unfussy style...

The name of any particular cresting identifies its style, and contemporary cresting brings to mind modern day designs and styles as opposed to those used in the past. Thus contemporary cresting will not bear any features that are indicative of Victorian or Edwardian times – it will be a very up to date style that will benefit some styles of conservatory more than others. A contemporary cresting tends to be of a more unfussy style in general.

Benefits of Contemporary Cresting

Contemporary cresting has a reduced amount of spikes along its length...

We didn't want to exaggerate the roof so we used a contemporary cresting style to finish it off with subtlety...Mr Parker...Somerset

If you have a modern conservatory – regardless of whether it is built in uPVC or solid wood - then a contemporary cresting style will finish it off perfectly. Contemporary cresting will have a minimal amount of decorative spikes along its length, which is perfect if you want a minimalist design. Some spikes are generally required as a deterrent to birds landing on your roof however, as they can create a lot of mess if you make it easy for them to land – something that doesn’t look good on any roof, let alone a glass one. Contemporary cresting is where minimal design and fussiness meet with practical uses.

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Contemporary Cresting Disadvantages

Contemporary designs may be too much...

If your conservatory is of a plain and simple design, any kind of cresting can look too much – even the contemporary type. If this is the case then another kind of cresting – such as the Ovolo - may prove to be more advantageous. Some people like their cresting to be so minimal that even contemporary designs may be too much. Although it is possible to get cresting designed specially, the cost of this usually proves prohibitive, so you may have to get the simplest design you can find – and hope the birds aren’t too attracted by it.

  • Modern Styles.
  • Stops Unwanted Pests.
  • Low Cost.

In short, the type of cresting you go for is dependent partly on the style of conservatory you have chosen, and partly on your own personal preferences. Contemporary cresting will certainly make your conservatory look as modern as possible, while finishing it off in style.