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Conservatory Styles

Choosing the right style...

Do you want a style that is reminiscent of days gone by? If you do then you might want to consider having a Georgian style conservatory. If you have a Georgian or Victorian house then you might want to have conservatory built in that style. Many people like to use their conservatory as another room and so they want both the inside and the outside to look as stylish as possible. If you go for a Georgian style conservatory then it may be built predominantly of brick with Georgian style windows.

Custom Built

A bespoke conservatory allows more freedom...

Our conservatory company showed us the different styles and advised on the best one for our property type...Rita Andrews...County Down

You can have your conservatory custom built, as an increasing number of people are doing. This is more expensive than other conservatories but it means you can have complete control over the conservatory’s style, shape and what type of glass will be used in its construction.

Conservatory Quote Online

Various Choices

A wide selection of pre-set styles...

Choosing a conservatory style does not have to be complicated as there a wide choice of designs and shapes to choose from. Most come with illustrations, images and video presentation so you can see exactly how the finished product will look like.

  • Pre-Set styles.
  • Bespoke choice
  • Various shapes

There are over 11 main conservatory styles to choose from such as: CloisterCombinationCrusaderEdwardianElizabethanGarden RoomGeorgianLanternOrangeryRegency and Victorian.