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Conservatory Seating

Choosing your conservatory seating is a very important...

One of the main activities you will be doing in your new conservatory will no doubt be sitting and relaxing. That’s why choosing your conservatory seating is a very important aspect of putting together your furnishings. Chairs will automatically make your conservatory more inviting. They can also provide extra space and seating for when you have visitors. If you need some storage space as well, you could consider getting some bench seats made to fit whatever size conservatory you have. These allow you to have nice big chunky cushions to sit on, which when lifted reveal plenty of space to store all those things which usually get in the way.

Conservatory Chairs and Seating

You can buy a separate set of chairs and furniture...

We bought two long benches to go down either side of our conservatory which also had storage cupboards underneath...Janet Riley...Buckinghamshire

Dining chairs will of course be essential if you are having a dining table permanently set up in your conservatory. A foldaway table and chairs could be a good option if space is limited and you want to use the room for other uses when you are not eating there. As discussed before, bench seating has a multi purpose benefit and also provides plenty of extra seating if you have a party. Also, don’t forget the kids – you can buy a separate set of chairs and furniture to be used by your children if you have the room, or if the room is primarily used as a playroom.

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Mobile Seating

Light woven armchairs are a good bet...

Another good option is to buy seating which can easily be moved around if the mood suits. Light woven armchairs are a good bet for this purpose, and even rocking chairs can look stunning. If you have a large conservatory and you want something a bit more unusual however, how about a freestanding hammock? Once you’ve tried one of these, nothing else will seem the same!

  • Dining Chairs.
  • Benches.
  • Mobile Seating.

There is a vast range of choices when it comes to deciding what kind of chairs and seating arrangements you want to have in your conservatory. From an ultra modern dining table and high backed chairs, to the simplest of wicker armchairs, there are plenty of options to meet whatever needs you may have.