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Conservatory Roof Rafters

Conservatory Roof Rafters

Similar to those used in a traditional house...

The roof rafters are very similar to those used in a traditional house. A number of rafters are spaced out evenly along the length of the roof on each side, angling upwards towards the centre of the roof and meeting at the peak. Each section of glazing is then inserted between the rafters in order to complete the roof itself.

Roof Rafters Benefits

Relatively easy for the average DIY...

Roof rafters were used on our conservatory because they could be angled low enough to go under the box gutters...Janet Dowling...Derby

Roof rafters are very versatile in that they can be adjusted in pitch. It is not necessary to have the pitch of your conservatory roof at a specific angle, so roof rafters are ideal whatever the limitations of your house may be. Roof rafters also provide a very solid structure for the roof section, and are relatively easy for the average DIYer with some experience to install without professional help - although they may need an extra pair of hands to help with lifting at some stages.

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Roof Rafters Considerations

Extra high ceiling...

If you have roof rafters made from solid wood you will need to be prepared to give them the treatment they require from time to time, to keep them looking their best. It’s also wise to remember that the advantage of being able to vary the height of the rafters can be a disadvantage if you go too high – as you will have more trouble heating the room during the winter months, due to the extra high ceiling. Just be prepared to have to heat the room rather more than you may have done otherwise.

  • Versatile.
  • Wooden Structure.
  • Low Angles.

This style of roof design is one of the most stunning ones available. The versatility offered by the fact that you can vary the pitch of the roof also adds to the options you have available when building your conservatory.