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Conservatory Cresting

Conservatory Roof Cresting

Cresting is the decorative centre part of your roof...

Conservatory cresting provides the finishing touch for your conservatory. Building a conservatory is a tremendous undertaking, starting with digging the foundations and ending with putting on the roof. Once you have got the roof structure in place and installed the panels, all that remains is to add the cresting and finials to complete your roof. Conservatory cresting is the decorative centre part of your roof, while the finial is the part at the end of the crest. Both serve vital functions in completing your conservatory roof.

Practical Use of Conservatory Cresting

Installing cresting is a painless way to keep the birds off...

We had basic cresting fitted to the roof as a way to keep the birds from landing and spoiling on the roof...Mr James...Shropshire

If you’ve ever had a garden shed, you’ll know that birds are not just beautiful additions to your garden. They can also be pests, because of the droppings they leave everywhere. Installing cresting is a painless way to keep the birds off your roof. They won’t be able to land, and you can still enjoy the sight of them flying around your garden from inside your new conservatory.

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Cresting Styling

Cresting adds elegance to any conservatory roof...

Another reason to install conservatory cresting is style. If you think of the conservatories you admire, whether they are the hexagonal Victorian conservatories or the rectangular or square Edwardian conservatories, then you will certainly think of the distinctive roof shapes. Part of that comes from the cresting, which adds elegance to any conservatory roof.

  • Adds Elegance.
  • Prevents Pests.
  • Various Styles

Like the names for conservatory designs, the names for conservatory cresting vary considerably. You may hear them referred to as Victorian, fleur-de-lys, regency, baroque, Tudor and more. However, there are three basic types of conservatory cresting, though the designs may vary within that range. These are contemporarytraditional and Ovolo.