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Conservatory Ring Beams

Conservatory Ring Beams

Usually made from aluminium, they separate the windows from the roof...

A ring beam is a structure that separates the windows from the roof, and enables the two to be fixed together at the required angle. It is usually made from aluminium, and is virtually undetectable once the conservatory has been built. It gives a structure supreme stability, where it would otherwise be rather unstable, and makes it possible to have two glass panels virtually meeting each other – a common requirement for conservatories of all shapes and sizes.

Ring Beam Considerations

Advantageous to ask a professional to calculate the figures for you...

We used ring beams because we didn't want huge partitions separating the glass...
J. Hult...Boscombe

Although a ring beam will help to support the roof of your conservatory, it is vital to make sure it will be able to do so, and you are not overloading the beam with more than it can take. This is why it is usually advantageous to ask a professional to calculate the figures for you – even if it costs you slightly more to do so. It’s a better option than finding out too late that you are asking too much of the ring beam you have.

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Ring Beam Benefits

Can be made to virtually any shape...

A ring beam allows you to do far more in the design stages of your conservatory than would otherwise be possible. They are also ideal if you would rather have a tiled roof on your conservatory, to prevent the sun from becoming too overwhelming during the hotter days of summer. Another advantage is that they can be made to virtually any shape and size, depending on the requirements of your own conservatory design.

  • Additional Stability.
  • Versatile.
  • Any Shape

Obviously the cost of having a ring beam made will vary depending on what size you need – and if you are having a bespoke conservatory then you will need a bespoke ring beam as well, which will further push up the price.